Articles – Using QR Codes for Political Campaigns

Don’t just take our word for it, read what others are saying about the use of QR codes for Political Campaigns.  (right click and open in new window if you have popups blocked).

5 Ways QR codes could shake up the 2012 Election
“With millions of potential voters using mobile devices, strategists would be remiss to write off QR codes as a risky early-adopter consumer trend untranslatable to the political space.”

Ways to use QR codes in political campaigns
“With 1 in 2 Americans having smartphones, using QR codes for political campaigns is picking up.”

Time for QR Codes on Campaign Signs?
“Almost half the country has a smartphone, adding fuel to the debate over QR codes on political signage”

Four ways Political Campaigns can use QR Codes
“In addition to the compelling numbers, this technology is just so simple to implement there is no excuse not to try it.”

Using QR Codes in a Political Campaign
“I’m already thinking of ways to use QR codes in issue campaigns, and I am excited to see how they can expand and deepen the reach of my client’s messages.

At SXSW, register to vote QR codes
“I’t was only a matter of time: Registering to vote is now as easy as whipping out your smart phone.”

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